About us

More and more buyers have probably ordered a product from overseas and then waited for days or weeks only for the product to never arrive. Money and time wasted, only to have to start your search all over again. This is a problem that could be avoided by using a purchasing agent to find the product you are looking for from a reliable source.

Ysupplier, a local purchasing agent based out of Shenzhen, China, offers their clients a trusted way to obtain real products in a world full of fakes and scams. While there are a variety of ways to source the products yourself, including online trade directories like Alibaba, Globalsources, you are not always certain the vendor or product is real. Another way to find products is by taking the time to visit international trade shows like the China Import and Export Fair , or Hong Kong Electronics Fair, but this might not be possible given the time commitment required. Lastly, buyers can always use search engines like Google, Baidu or Bing, but again, there are so many scams, it’s hard to know what’s real and what isn’t.

“When we are working with a client to find a product for them, we have to evaluate a couple of things about the vendors we look at, specifically do they physically exist or are they legally registered” explains Ysupplier. “We also need to know whether they have the capacity to meet the supply requirements and of course do they have a quality assurance program. Only by meeting this criteria can they be seen as a trusted vendor.”

The process of evaluating overseas suppliers is tedious and time consuming. Working with a China local purchasing agent takes all the stress away through their services including:

√ Factory Auditing: asses a facility quality systems, workplace environment and capabilities. It ensures that the suppliers are able to undertake a specific order as per requirements.

√ Order Processing & Quality Control: ensures the products are free from defects and meet customer needs.

√ Logistics service: collaborate with freight forwarder to schedule and monitor shipments from China main ports.

All of these services ensure only quality products are being purchased and clients are receiving them in a timely manner. This prevents wasting more time and money on products that never arrive.