Which electronics fair to go in China ?

Over 9,000 booths of the latest products!
Specialized trade fairs in Hong Kong
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Hama Sourcing Requirement

As per our conversation a while ago, please follow-up and provide us the requested information on or before the offered deadlines:: Offer Sheet Please check and provide us completed offer of XX based on 100K by filling-in the attached Excel sheet within today. Approbation: – In general, the following approbations are required for XX , please make sure approbation costs will be considered into your offers: MFI License, CE, RoHS, PAH’s, SCCP, Phthalates – Once again, be reminded that Certificates/Test Reports of the above requested approbations must be issued by either one of our designated laboratories: i. TÜV (Rheinland or … Continue reading Hama Sourcing Requirement