Apple News: C94 Type-C Lightning sample ready in 5 weeks

C94 MFi Type-C to Lightning Connector sample ready to order,

we will receive them within 5 weeks.

C94 support 9V*2A=18Watt PD fast charge.

Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning connector to your USB-C enabled Mac and iPad Pro for syncing and charging.

You can also use this cable charge your iOS device,

and even take advantage of the fast-charging feature on select iPhone and iPad Pro models.

MFi C94 (1)

MFi C94 (3)
Must supply 15 W(3A at 5.0V) at the Lightning connector of a Lightning to USB-C cable, whether included with the accesory on provided by the end user, using either:
USB-C current, see USB-C current( page 433).
USB-PD, see USB Power Delivery (page 432)
Should Supply 18W(2A at 9.0V) at the lightning connector of a Lightning to USB-C cable using USB-PD

MFi C94 (2)