Consumer Electronics Inspection Report

Check items Inspection contents Sample


(S) Safety check 1. Sharp point & Sharp edge  
  2. Expose metal part on primary power supply that may cause with electrical shock  
  3. Hi-pot test (AC*V, 5mA, 2 s)  
  4. Earth continuity test  (US:25A, 0.1Ω, 1s; Canada:40A,0.1Ω, 1s )  
  5. Unit work under the polarity  
  6. Safety mark and power plug check(UL, Tuv, FCC, NOM, PSE,CCC, CE, WEEE etc)  
  7. Virus scanning of the product with memory.

Software name:


Update date:

  8. Others  
(F) Functional check 1. Hand shock test  
  2. Unit work under the rating voltage and current.  
  3. Plug fitting check with standard connection terminal and accessories.  
  4. Accessories quality check  
  5. Check the main function of the unit as the manual and gift box’s description.  
  6. Others  

Special data & measurement



Test Item




Actually Test Result  Specification


Internal test &


1. Internal component/ construction comparison (non-safety issue) 2 Pass/ Fail/ N/A.  
  4. Length of AC power cord and other cables 3 Pass/ Fail/ N/A.

And 2 samples data

  5. Input Power/Current data 3 Pass/ Fail/ N/A.

And 2 samples data

  6. Other 2 Pass/ Fail/ N/A.  
Transportation Test


1. Export carton packing dimension and weight check (Spec.: Length/Width/Height variance =< 2.5% or CBM variance =< 5%):


1 Pass/ Fail/ N/A. L*W*H:




  2. Drop test on 1 export carton


1 Pass/ Fail/ N/A. if failure, check additional 3 carton.
  3. Drop test on 1 individual gift box / pack box 1 Pass/ Fail/ N/A. if failure, check additional 3 box.
  4. Hanging Hole Strength Check 2 Pass/ Fail/ N/A. 1)Bundle 2 complete products and  hanging them with one card for 1 and 2 hours

2) hang 5 KG for 1 second, repeat for 3 times

  5. Other: 2 Pass/ Fail/ N/A.  
Performance Test: 1. Power on test at heated condition at +10% of rated voltage at least 6 hours 2 Pass/ Fail/ N/A. Run Hi voltage check, Appearance check, Functional check, Earth continuity check and internal check again.
  2. Rubbing test 2 Pass/ Fail/ N/A. Rub 15s with cotton with 95% alcohol by 500g force
  3. Tape check 3M 2 Pass/ Fail/ N/A. 3M 810, 5 times, 45°peeling
  4. Battery fitness check(height A and Height B dimension) 3 Pass/ Fail/ N/A. Height A(mm): AAA:44.5;AA:50.5;C:50.0;D:61.5

Height B(mm): AAA:43.3;AA:49.2;C:48.5;D:59.5

  5. Battery reverse check 2 Pass/ Fail/ N/A. the battery temperature should be not risen
  6. Software version of TV, DVD player, MP3, MP4 etc 2 Pass/ Fail/ N/A. Version:
  7. Assemble test 2 Pass/ Fail/ N/A. As the manual or actual using
  8. Manual language   Pass/ Fail/ N/A. English/ Spanish/ French
  9. Compare the product with FPS 2 Pass/ Fail/ N/A FPS
  10. Other 3 Pass/ Fail/ N/A.  

 Test equipment

Equipment Description Brand Model name Cal. Date

Photo of product

Pallet packing Master carton
(Photo)  (Photo)
Master carton packing Shipping mark
(Photo)  (Photo)
Side mark Bar code on master carton
(Photo) (Photo)
Inner carton Inner carton packing
(Photo) (Photo)
Inner carton mark Inner side mark
(Photo) (Photo)
Gift box Gift box packing
(Photo) (Photo)
Bar code on Gift box UL / FCC /CE marking on gift box
(Photo)  (Photo)
PIC mark on the package Family photo
(Photo) (Photo)
Accessories parts Unit front view
(Photo) (Photo)
Unit rear view AC Plug
(Photo) (Photo)
AC adapter Rating label
(Photo) (Photo)
UL / FCC /CE marking on unit Other marking on unit其
(Photo) (Photo)
Internal check Key component
(Photo) (Photo)
Main PCB top view  Main PCB bottom view
(Photo) (Photo)
Main IC Actual usage
(Photo) (Photo)


Photo for remark or Defect

Description Photo
Remark description:


Defect description:





 Inspected export carton number



 Inspected sample serial number



–End of report–